• New recoded ConfigSystem
  • New TableSwitch Transformer (Flow)
  • Added back defaultStringEncryptor
  • Improved CustomTransformer loading
  • API: add ability to get bootstrapClassNode from CustomTransformers
  • Fix NPE when having shaded libs in CustomTransformer
  • Fix renaming of class references in resources when using renamer
  • Exclude mcmarket (builtbybit) and pxdev.cc placeholders
  • Add InnerClassRemoverTransformer
  • Added New Resource Encryption Transformer
  • Added exclusions support for Custom Transformers
  • New Exclusions system
  • Fix LineNumberTransformer NPE in CLI mode
  • Fix ClassFolderTransformer not disabling
  • Added back ClassFolder Transformer
  • Added check for CLI args before running obfuscation to prevent NPEs
  • Fix qProtect not exiting in CLI
  • Fix qProtect not opening for people in china
  • Fix NPE on linux
  • Fix update checker
  • Fix Dictionary slection not shown
You can now make your own transformers, for instructions please check

  • Added custom transformer system
  • Added an error message if missing dependencies
  • Added back ClassFolderTransformer
  • Create a new class if failed to select a random class for bootstrap
  • Redone some of the flow obfuscation
  • Fixed qProtect not exiting when using CLI
  • Fixed NPE when importing pom.xml
  • Fixed qProtect not asking for username on first launch
  • Fixed BootstrapMethodError when using renamer + reference encryption
  • Fixed VerifyError in NumberTransformer
  • Fixed a module false flag
  • Fixed Crasher creating invalid classnames
  • Fixed a minor config issue
  • Cleaned up the code alot
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qProtect 1.9.1 requires a HardwareID reset

  • Treat Excluded classes as resource and dont compute its frames (Fixes verify errors)
  • Fix Overwirte config dialog alwqays showing
  • Fix FieldReference config setting
  • New HWID system (Fixes "sudo" issues on linux)
  • Cleaned up code
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  • Added ClassRenamer (experimental)
  • Added MethodRenamer (experimental)
  • Added FieldRenamer (experimental)
  • Added ConfigTab for easier loading and saving of configs
  • Fix DictionaryType changing requiring restarts
  • INFO: Some transformers in this beta are broken/bugged, if you want a stable build, please install qProtect v`1.8.1`
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  • Add more polymorph to flow
  • Add more themes
  • Add Polymorph Flow Transformer
  • Added Optimizers (String Call Optimizer, Nop Remover)
  • Enabled Goto Replacer
  • Randomize Reference Encryption opcodes
  • Disabled Arithmetic Transformer for now
  • Fix MethodTooLargeException
  • Fix FieldReferenceEncryption not loaded from config
  • Fix Exclusions and Inclusions config saving
  • Update ASM to 9.4-SNAPSHOT
  • Update jopt-simple to 6.0-alpha-3
  • Display input + dependency size
  • Remove discord rpc