• Update ObjectWeb ASM to 9.7-Snapshot
  • Fix an issue with customPackage creating an empty package
  • Fix an issue with customPackage and referenceEnryption
  • Fix an issue with customPackage and saving the config
  • Fix some methodRenamer issues
  • Log missing dependencies instead of throwing an exception
Thanks for all your support in the past years <3

  • Rewrite StringEncryption
  • Updates to ReferenceEncryption
  • Recode several UI elements
  • Fixup exception when entering wrong username/password
  • Fixup random 0x2
  • Add macOS compatibility
  • Improve ReferenceEncryption
  • Implement our xenforo-api
  • Minor changes and improvements
  • Fix MethodCodeTooLargeException
  • Fix NPE when using dumpMappings and CLI
  • Minor changes to ResourceEncryption
  • Option to run customTransformers First/Last
  • Option to load mappings file after renaming
  • Fixup random 0x2
  • Fix another compatibility error on Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Fix config loading for CustomTransformers when using the GUI
  • Removed some useless debug messages
  • Changed way of loading CustomTransformers
  • API: Ability to get Input, and Output from the API
A NativeTransformer has been added aswell, please check
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  • Add back optional CLI arguments --input and --output
  • Add check if input is a .jar file to prevent errors.
  • Fix compatibility error on Ubuntu 20.04.
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  • Implement classExclusions for Renamer
  • Fix an issue where instructions are not properly remapped when using renamer
  • Fix methodName and FieldName Exclusions
  • Fixup Renamer constantPool issue
  • Fix update checker
  • Fix for licenseType
  • Dont add stringDecryptor if class has no strings.
  • Added Ability to load multiple customTransformer jars, place them into AppData/qProtect/custom/
  • Update ObjectWeb ASM to 9.6-SNAPSHOT
  • Fix ConnectionCheck false flagging and spamming console