Program qProtect 1.12.0

  • Recode reference encryption
  • Improve String encryptrion
  • Fix Polymart placeholders not excluding
  • MethodName Exclusions, see below
  • Fix flow transformers not excluding properly
  • Dynamic Transformers (for quicker updates)
  • qProtect-JNI: fix ARM Mac support
  • Fix sourceTransformer not removing className in some cases
  • Randomize classRenamer mappings order
  • Alot under the hood improvements

Method Exclusions
You can now exclude methods in classes like shown below:
  • Recode ReferenceEncryption
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Update ObjectWeb ASM to 9.8-SNAPSHOT
  • Rename mappings correctly in velocity-plugin.json
  • Revert: Added support for Native File Chooser (for now)
  • Improvements to customTransformer loading
  • Fix customTransformerNames when using renamed classes
  • Added StringSplitter Transformer
  • Improved DefaultStringEncryptor performance (obfuscationTask and runtime)
  • Fix dependency issue on 2nd run
  • Fix NPE when loading lite config in premium
  • Minor fix to inclusions
  • Disable numberPooler (for now)
  • API: ability to add/remove/read exclusions
  • API: ability to (un)register customTransformers
  • Fix FlowTransformer not including correctly in some cases
  • Fix classRenamer breaking resources with empty bytes
  • Fix resource mapping not replacing correctly
  • Fix some method & fieldRenamer issues
  • Check if configFile exists before running with maven plugin
  • --configFile isnt required to be the first argument anymore
  • Add Mac M1 support
  • Fix ClassRenamer causing file to not write
  • Minor improvements
  • Add Exclusions for BootstrapClass
  • Push renamed packages to exclusions
  • Dont create an empty package if customPackageField is empty
  • Fix EnhancedStringEncryptor issue happening in 1.10.7
  • Minor improvements
  • add flow per-transformer exclusion
  • fix methodRenamer renaming wrong members
  • fix classRenamer breaking resources
  • fix a bug with renamer exclusions