qProtect Obfuscator
The first Obfuscator offering Custom Transformer support!
Developed by brownie, vaz, and Mystery
qProtect employs advanced encryption techniques to protect sensitive strings within your code, making it extremely difficult for attackers to extract valuable information.
Field and method calls are encrypted, thwarting attempts to trace and understand critical interactions within your codebase.
By introducing complex control flow structures and opaque predicates, qProtect obscures the logical flow of your code, making it challenging to comprehend and analyze.
qProtect transforms numerical values using arithmetic obfuscation techniques, making it arduous for attackers to understand the actual values and their purposes.
qProtect enhances the security of your application by injecting anti-debugging mechanisms, making it harder for attackers to analyze and manipulate your code during runtime.
qProtect encrypts resources, such as images or configuration files, preventing unauthorized access and extraction.
qProtect provides crashers specifically designed to disrupt popular reverse engineering tools like JByteMod and Recaf, adding an extra layer of protection to your code.
With our Debug Information Remover, We remove any debug information that may come in as valuable, such as local variable names, and line numbers from your Java Application.
With our Access Obfuscation, We obfuscate all of your fields, methods, and classes access values, to make it harder for reverse-engineers to find information out about methods and use cases. This also can crash some decompilers.
qProtect offers a powerful renaming feature for classes, methods, and fields, making your code more obscure and resistant to reverse engineering attempts. This is currently experimental.
qProtect enables you to create your own custom transformers using a simple and intuitive API. Unleash your creativity and implement personalized obfuscation techniques tailored to your specific needs.
With its sleek and intuitive user interface, qProtect offers a delightful user experience, making obfuscation and protection tasks effortless.
qProtect seamlessly integrates into your development workflow with its Maven plugin, enabling automatic and streamlined obfuscation as part of your build process.
qProtect prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering prompt and reliable support. Their dedicated team responds to inquiries within minutes, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

Digital product
License duration
80.00 USD
Extention type
File size
10.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.58 star(s) 19 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1.11.4

    Recode ReferenceEncryption Massive performance improvements Update ObjectWeb ASM to 9.8-SNAPSHOT
  2. 1.11.3

    Rename mappings correctly in velocity-plugin.json Revert: Added support for Native File Chooser...
  3. 1.11.2

    Added StringSplitter Transformer Improved DefaultStringEncryptor performance (obfuscationTask...

Latest reviews

qProtect proved to be very interesting for my business, great support and good functions. ♥
thanks alot, im happy that you like our product, feel free to ask for help anytime
very good java protector
Cool piece of technology
Terrible support, also lack of fundamental features. The features that they do provide either offer near 0 protection or break a very basic jar that i am trying to run via the command line.

Also asked for a feature before purchasing, they told me they have it but it is actually not in qprotect. They are repeatedly telling me the feature works but istg its either not functional or does something completely different than what i was asking for.
Thanks for your Review.
I am still not Sure which features you think offer 0 protection.
An obfuscator makes your code harder to read but its not injecting any "prot", so if there is no prot in your code i cant help you.
Also it would be cool if you could tell me which features breaks for you and provide me a sample jar so we can look into fixing your issue.

Sincerly brownie
I've recently been using qProtect. Here's a breakdown of my experience:

- Support Response Time: The support team's response time was significantly delayed, often taking around 24 hours to even talk to you, even though they have 10+ admins.

- Feature Reliability: Regrettably, several features within the product proved to be unreliable, with approximately half of them causing malfunctions or complete breakdowns in my program. This lack of reliability significantly impacted the functionality of the obfuscator.

- Obfuscation Performance: The process of obfuscation took an unacceptably long time, approximately 20 minutes to complete. Furthermore, the obfuscator had horrible performance and was nearly unusable because of the low amount of fps.

- Lack of Standard Features: The product lacked many standard features that are commonly expected in similar obfuscators.

- Ease of De-obfuscation: One of the most concerning aspects of the product was its susceptibility to de-obfuscation. The lack of robust security measures, such as salting, made it relatively easy to reverse engineer and bypass the obfuscation process. The product would greatly benefit from additional features to enhance its security and protect against reverse engineering efforts.

- Poor Renamer Functionality and Documentation: The renamer feature of the product was notably lacking in functionality and usability. Despite attempts to utilize this feature, I found it difficult to navigate and operate effectively due to a lack of clear documentation and guidance. As a result, I would not recommend relying on this feature and instead suggest exploring alternative solutions such as ZKM, Branchlock, Proguard, or custom renaming tools.

In conclusion, while qProtect may have potential, it currently falls short in several critical areas including support responsiveness, feature reliability, performance, security, and usability.
Thanks for your Review.
Let me answer every point you made up here

-Support Response Time
We have over 150 customers and currently run a Team of 4 people. We try to answer within a few minutes, but its just not always possible.

- Feature Reliability
You did not provide us any logs and configs of issues youre having, so its impossible for US to resolve them.

-Obfuscation Performance
Yes, the performance might not be always at 100% and obfuscation tasks will be slow.
However 2.0 is entirely rewritten and its performance will be alot faster also due to it using java 21.
We will Release a 1.12 Patch soon that also increases performance a bit.

- Lack of Standard Features
Could you provide me the features that youre missing?

- Ease of Deobfuscation
As of my knowledge from today there is no deobfuscator for qprotect also there hasnt been any working one. Correct me if im wrong and also provide me with some proof for it please

- Poor Renamer Funktionalität
The renamer is also stated in the Feature list as experimental, so you probably read that before buying.

I would like to resolve your issues and make you a happy customer again, feel free to respond to the ticket in the qProtect discord.

Sincerly brownie
Excellent obfuscator which comes with many features and can be configured to your liking, its updates are also frequent and its support is fast and effective. 😎
qProtect is a brilliant and feature rich obfuscator - especially for it's price.

The obfuscator itself is powerful, and is expandable with custom transformers such as the Jinx transformer and the native transformer.

The support was kind, helpful and professional - offering help when needed, being quick (about 2 - 4 minutes between message) and available at any time needed (even at 4am - GMT). They solved any issues I had with it.

It also has neat features such as having official support for being used as a Maven plugin.

Overall, qProtect is definitely worth it for it's price.
Thanks a lot for the very constructive review it means alot!
We're happy to hear you love qProtect's features and support.
If you ever need anything, feel free to contact us any time.
Downer obfuscator is the best I tried
Excellent obfuscator and support!!! Brownie fixes bugs on the same day they get reported. Could not recommend more!
thx for your good review, we're always here to help
We still love qprotect (I still miss light mode)
thank you, but im sorry it will never be added anymore