Sodium | Hub Core

Spigot Plugin Sodium | Hub Core 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Sodium is a versatile lobby core plugin designed to elevate your Minecraft server's lobby experience. With a wide range of features and customization options, Sodium empowers server owners to create engaging and immersive lobbies that leave a lasting impression on players.


- Highly Optimized Scoreboard: Enjoy a smoothly functioning scoreboard system that enhances the overall player experience.
- Custom Scoreboard Timers: Customize timers on the scoreboard to display relevant information and events.
- Animated Footer/Title: Add dynamic animation effects to the footer and title of the scoreboard for added visual appeal.

• Tablist
- Server Information Display: Showcase server information prominently in the Tablist, keeping players informed and engaged.
- Configurable Header/Footer: Customize multiple lines of header and footer content to personalize the Tablist.
- Custom Heads: Utilize custom player heads to enhance the visual presentation of the Tablist.

• Data Storage
- Sodium offers various efficient methods for storing player data, including Flat File and MongoDB options.

• NPC System
- Implement non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with players and provide additional functionality to your lobby.

• Custom Placeholders
- Create custom placeholders to display dynamic information and enhance the user interface.

• Hub PvP
- Integrate PvP elements into your lobby to provide players with engaging combat experiences.

• Launch Pads
- Set up launch pads to allow players to quickly navigate around the lobby environment.

• Cosmetic System
- Enhance player customization with a robust cosmetic system offering a variety of options.

• Chat Management
- Manage chat effectively with advanced chat management features and controls.

• Player Gadgets
- Offer players a selection of gadgets to enhance their interactions and gameplay experience in the lobby.

- LunarAPI: Seamlessly integrate with LunarAPI for extended functionality and compatibility.
- PlaceholderAPI: Enjoy compatibility with PlaceholderAPI for additional customization options.
- Custom Queue System: Implement a custom queue system with support for EzQueue, AjQueue, PortalOld, and optional configurations.
- Rank Core Support: Enjoy compatibility with various rank core plugins, including Oxygen, AquaCore, Atom, Basic, Hexa, HestiaCore, Mizu, Phoenix, PowerFullPerms, Venom, Zoom, Zoot, and ZPermission, for seamless integration and functionality.
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