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Bungee Plugin Hydrogen | BungeeCore 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Hydrogen is a powerful core designed for Minecraft server networks using BungeeCord. This plugin offers a wide range of configurable features to optimize management and gameplay experience on your network.

- Staff Chat (Configurable): Facilitates communication among server staff with an exclusive and configurable chat.
- Admin Chat (Configurable): Allows administrators to discuss important matters privately and with customization options.
- Owner Chat (Configurable): Provides server owners with an exclusive and adaptable communication channel.
- Ping Command (Configurable): Offers a command to check players' latency with customizable settings.
- Info Command: Provides useful server information with a simple command.
- Donator Chat: Enables donors to communicate with each other in a special channel.
- Report Command (Configurable): Allows players to report issues or inappropriate behavior with configurable settings.
- Request Command (Configurable): Lets players send help or assistance requests to server staff with customizable options.
- Broadcast Command (Configurable): Facilitates broadcasting important messages to all players with customizable settings.
- Hub Command (Configurable): Allows players to return to the main hub of the server with a configurable command.
- Private Message System (Configurable): Enables players to send private messages to each other with customizable features.
- MOTD Countdown: Displays a countdown timer in the server's message of the day (MOTD).
- Ingame MOTD Changer (Configurable): Allows changing the server's MOTD from within the game with configurable options.
- Maintenance System (Configurable): Facilitates scheduling and management of server maintenance with configurable settings.
- Announcer (Configurable): Allows configuring automatic messages and announcements on the server.
- Max Slots System (Configurable): Controls the maximum player limit on the server with configurable options.
- Command Blocking (Configurable): Enables blocking certain commands for specific groups of players with configurable settings.

- Java 8 or higher
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Me parece un buen complemento ya que tiene muchas funciones para gestionar y cambiar el diseño de tu bungeecord.
Ascend LLC
Ascend LLC
Thank you ❤️