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Spigot Plugin Carbon | Crates system 1.1-SNAPSHOT

Carbon is a comprehensive crate system plugin designed to enhance the gameplay experience on your Minecraft server. With extensive configuration options and intuitive editing tools, Carbon empowers server owners to effortlessly set up and customize crates to suit their needs.

Key Features
- Every Configuration Option: Carbon provides every configuration option you'll ever need to set up the plugin, ensuring maximum flexibility and customization.
- Configuration Editor and Crate Editor: Easily set up your crates with the included Configuration Editor and Crate Editor systems, streamlining the setup process.
- Support for Many Spigot Versions: Carbon supports a wide range of Spigot versions and requires minimal dependencies, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
- Highly Optimized: Carbon is highly optimized, delivering exceptional performance and ensuring no lag on your server due to the plugin.

Crate Editing Features
- Each crate offers a plethora of editing options listed under the "Crate Editing" section, allowing for fine-tuning and customization.
- Fully Configurable Hologram: Customize the hologram for each crate to your liking, including the option to disable it if desired.
- Multiple Variants of Particle Effects: Add multiple particle effects to the crate opening point for added visual appeal and excitement.
- Crate Editing Menu: Configure each crate and all its options conveniently from a dedicated Crate Editing Menu.
- Up to 54 Loot Rewards per Crate: Customize the size of loot rewards for each crate to create unique and rewarding experiences.
- Crate Preview Menu: Configure the Crate Preview menu to showcase the contents of each crate effectively.
- Customizable Crate Key: Edit the Crate Key Opening Material, Crate Key Item, Lore, and Display Name for each crate, adding a personal touch to your rewards.
- Plus many more features to explore and enhance your server experience.

- Spigot [1.7.10 - 1.20.x]


- Java 8 or higher
- HologramDisplay or HologramDecent
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1-SNAPSHOT

    Some bugs were fixed Fixed obfuscator issues