qProtect Monthly (31 Days)

Program qProtect Monthly (31 Days) 1.11.4


qProtect Obfuscator
Developed by brownie, vaz, and Mystery
We securely encrypt your strings to make it more difficult for reverse-engineers to read your valued code.
We securely encrypt all of your references, this includes field references and calls towards methods.
With our Flow Obfuscation, we securely mangle your code and make it harder to understand for reverse-engineers.
With our Number Obfuscation, we obfuscate any numbers that exist inside of your Java Application, making them look like seamlessly random values.
We inject code into your Java Application to attempt to stop reverse-engineers from debugging parts of your code.
With our methods of crashing decompilers, it makes it very difficult for people to read your code, We offer methods such as converting class files to folders, and many others to prevent people from reading your code.
With our Debug Information Remover, We remove any debug information that may come in as valuable, such as local variable names, and line numbers from your Java Application.
With our Access Obfuscation, We obfuscate all of your fields, methods, and classes access values, to make it harder for reverse-engineers to find information out about methods and use cases. This also can crash some decompilers.

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31 Days
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13.99 USD
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Latest updates

  1. 1.11.4

    Recode ReferenceEncryption Massive performance improvements Update ObjectWeb ASM to 9.8-SNAPSHOT
  2. 1.11.3

    Rename mappings correctly in velocity-plugin.json Revert: Added support for Native File Chooser...
  3. 1.11.2

    Added StringSplitter Transformer Improved DefaultStringEncryptor performance (obfuscationTask...